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Footprints Connect is a new website for everyone who is 55+

Its aim is to help you discover how 'new' technologies can improve your experience of living in Aberdeen. Registration is free, quick and simple, so join us today. Already have an account? Sign in here.

Favourite feature: Events Hub, bringing together events programmes from across the city.

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Rooftop clocksCheck out the exciting new Outdoor Programme for over-50s in and around Aberdeen . . .

Tea dances, concerts and more! Read the 2014 programme here . . .

Get walking and raise money for Scottish children who need your help: find out about the Aberdeen KiltWalk on 1 June . . .

Do you live in Culter? Footprints Connect has a special offer for you: see our Community News page for details . . . 

Just by visiting this website, you're entitled to 10% off various products at Rosie's enterprises in Aberdeen - find out more . . .  

And you can also get 10% off a computer training course or a one-to-one session with a technology tutor! Check out our news page . . .

Looking for an alternative to high street banks? Find out about Grampian Credit Union's new current accounts, on our Financial information page . . .

Satrosphere is now offering free admission on Fridays to people aged 65 and over . . . 

Visit us on our Facebook page! Let us know what you think of it - we look forward to seeing what you have to say . . .

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  • Pensioners could get death estimate

    Retirees could be told how long they are likely to live after stopping work, says pensions minister Steve Webb.17 April 2014
  • Residents flee homes as wildfire closes in

    RESIDENTS fled their homes yesterday as a huge wildfire raged within a few feet of them.19 April 2014
  • Pensioner seriously hurt in harbour scooter plunge

    A pensioner was critically ill in hospital last night after he accidentally rode his mobility scooter into a north-east harbour.19 April 2014
  • Death estimates for older population

    Older people could be given an estimate of when they might die in an effort to help them manage their finances better. MPs are currently considering the idea as part of Government guidance for the...17 April 2014
  • Tailored care for older patients

    Hundreds of thousands of older people are to receive tailored health care as part of new plans introduced by the Government. Around 800,000 individuals over the age of 75 and those with more seriou...14 April 2014
  • Pension savings deadline extended

    People who have recently taken a lump sum from their defined contribution pension pot have been given extra time to decide what to do with the remainder of their money. {DynamicContent:Social Media...10 April 2014
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